6 Sex Mistakes Men Make

women can make mistakes in bed too. here are our 7 worst mistakes women make

Sex can be beautiful, wonderful, and magical – but here are 5 of the biggest mistakes men make in bed:

  1. Forgetting to kiss. Men often think of kissing as just foreplay and forget to pay attention to her lips once you get her naked. Kissing can be one of the biggest turn ons for a woman making her feel loved and cared for so take the time to kiss, caress and continue her favorite foreplay moves between the sheets.
  2. Porn is NOT real sex. Porn can be fun to watch with or without your partner, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that is the way sex should be. Porn sex is designed to look good on camera and stimulate the viewer – not to feel good to the actors. Slapping her ass, pulling her hair, calling her “slut” or other such terms, doing that weird position that looks great on screen but is NOT comfortable in real life are likely to turn her off instead of turn her on.
  3. turning on your woman in bed improves sex for both of youNot knowing her body. Just plowing into her isn’t usually enough to make a woman cum. Most women need clitoral plus vaginal stimulation to truly get off. And a couple of flicks just isn’t enough. Experiment with different positions to find one that brushes the clit or use a finger or two to play with that lovely little button while inside her and watch her react. A vibrator can be a great way to do this – cock ring vibrators are designed to be worn around your cock to give her the best of both.  And don’t forget the rest of her body – pay attention to nipples, stroke her back or sides lightly – each woman is different and when you find the places your woman loves touched, you will truly drive her wild.
  4. Not talking to her. And I don’t necessarily mean dirty talking but speaking up and asking if she likes something or telling her how much you like what she’s doing can be a huge turn on for her. Telling her you are about to cum is sexy – she’ll be happy to know she’s pleased you so much and it might just help her cum too.
  5. Not cuddling after sex. A woman likes to feel protected and safe and she is most vulnerable during sex. So after you are both satisfied, take the time to hold, talk, and cuddle with her as you both come down from that high of orgasm. Getting up, going to the bathroom, reaching for that cigarette or turning on the TV right after sex will make her feel cheap, used, or even dirty – none of which is likely to get you a repeat performance!
  6. Doing the same thing all over again. Even a great thing like sex can get boring if you do things the same way all the time. Mix things up! Try different positions, times of day, different places (shower sex anyone?), add some toys or light bondage – talk to her and see what she might like to try. You might be surprised how adventurous both of you can be!

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