Finding the Male G-Spot – Diagram and Info

male g-spot diagram where to find a mens g-spot

Women aren’t the only ones with a secret pleasure g-spot, men have a g-spot too.  It is actually a little easier to find than a woman’s – if you know where to look.

To find a man’s g-spot, you need to go thru the anus. Easiest way to locate it for the first time is using a gloved finger with lots of lube. With your man laying on his back, legs elevated, insert a finger slowly into his anus. Push gently straight in. If he has never tried anal play, the sphincter muscle will be very tight at first so take your time. When your finger is up to about the knuckle, you should feel a small bump under your finger thru the anal wall. It is about the size of a chestnut about 2 inches inside the anus.

Now that you’ve found the male g-spot, it’s time to play!

Just like with the woman’s g-spot, stimulating the male g spot can greatly enhance orgasms, so don’t be afraid to give some things a try.

male g-spot diagram where to find a mens g-spotA finger is the simplest way to stimulate the g-spot of course. Some men enjoy rubbing or vibrating, others thrusting against it, and some like a combination of both. Take your time and try out a few things to see what you really like the most.

Other things to try are prostate wands that especially designed to stimulate the male g spot and are often a vibrator with a long handle to make it easier when using on yourself or something else.  Butt Plugs are designed to stay in place for longer periods of time and to operate hands free. Don’t be surprised if massaging his g-spot creates an orgasm and you will probably notice cum seeping from his penis – this is totally normal and is known in the Femdom community as milking – empyting the testicles of sperm while denying a full orgasm.

Stimulating the male g-spot can be incredibly arousing for both partners so give it a try!

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  1. David H. | | Reply

    If you haven’t tried it I suggest you do it doesn’t make you gay and feels incredible

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