7 Sex Mistakes Women Make

turning on your woman in bed improves sex for both of you

Men aren’t the only ones concerned about being good in bed. So in the interest of fairness after our 6 Sex Mistakes Men Make, here are my top sex mistakes women make:

  1. Being too worried about what you look like. If you aren’t comfortable with our own body and complain about it in bed, try to hide under the covers, or only undress when the lights are off, it will definitely sour the mood. Remember he is already hot for you, so relax and enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to help yourself feel sexy – try some new lingerie, even a new perfume can make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident. And your loving yourself is sure to be a turn on for both of you.
  2. women can make mistakes in bed too. here are our 7 worst mistakes women makeWanting him to always initiate sex. It really is old fashioned to think you can only have sex when he wants to. If you are feeling horny, tell him! Or better yet, show him. Give him a long lingering kiss. Start undressing on the way to the bedroom giving him a little show. Get out your favorite vibrator and let him get a peek of you using it. I’ll bet he will be happy to let you start things up now and then.
  3. Thinking he is always ready for sex. Despite what porn movies and TV might suggest, men are not always hard and ready no matter what. He can be tired, stressed, or just not in the mood either. Just as you want him to respect those times when you don’t want sex, you should respect his.  Even men can be guilty of thinking they can always do it – and feel insecure or shamed if they can’t. Don’t worry about it. Settle in for a cuddle instead and get things going when both of you are ready.
  4. Not touching him. Men have hot spots just like you do – and every man is different. Don’t be afraid to touch and caress your man other than his penis. Many men have sensitive nipples, stomachs or sides, and many love when you play with their testicles or stroke their inner thighs. And don’t be afraid to talk to him about prostate massage – learn to do it right and it can give him an unbelievable orgasm.
  5. Always doing it the same way. Mix things up. Try different times, places, and positions. Don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous – maybe even going very adventurous with bondage or a strap-on. Any changes can add new spice to your love life, so give it a go and talk to your lover about all the possibilities.
  6. Not talking. You don’t have to talk dirty (though do give that a try sometime!), but communicate. You both should feel free to express what you like and don’t like before, during and after sex. If something feels great, tell him! If you want him to speed up, slow down, go harder or ease up, let him know. No matter how long you have been together, you can always learn something new about each other.
  7. Talking about your exes. This is the one thing NOT to talk about in bed – ever! Yes, believe it or not, some people do this and it is probably one of the biggest turn offs you can do! No one wants to hear how HE did this or HE did that – or that crazy place you made love to someone else. Stay in the now and enjoy the partner you are with.

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