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Learn more about me, my sites, and my sexy life

I’m an Entrepreneur and Blogger

I am also a former stripper, adult actress…
I’ve had a fun and interesting life, to say the least!

Sensuality and Empowerment are Important to Me

Exploring my own sexuality has been a fun ride. I own Simply Pleasure Sex Toys and started this blog as a way to express my sexy side, share my favorite sex stories and porn, and overall connect with you.

Alana Eberhardt is my stage name…which came from a character I created in the virtual world of SecondLife way back in 2004. Her life parallels my own so perfectly, it is sometimes hard to remember where the “real me” is. But there is a real me…and no, I don’t give out those personal details. Alana still plays in SecondLife pretty much on her own (AFK sex and occasional stripper) while I run my business and write about the sexy adventures both she and the real me have enjoyed.

Now that I’ve reached my 30s, I feel like I have gotten a little more settled in my own skin and in my business and just loving life. I am still up for a good party (or orgy !🥰), but find I am a bit more selective these days. I think because I understand myself a lot better than I did in my wicked and wild college days. I am far more secure in myself and what I want…though experimenting is still fun😎 !

Anyway, I never really know what to write in these sorts of profile things and, as usual, have probably said too much. But if you want to come along for the ride, be sure to subscribe.

Alana Eberhardt

Writer & Content Creator

Keeping things fun and sexy is what I am all about.
I love life, celebrating my feminity, and exploring everything life has to offer, including sex!

My Gallery

A few photos of me…including some of my sexy SecondLife alter ego. More coming soon.

My secondlife persona - I always wanted to be a blonde with green eyes
reading sexy stories
being taken for a ride at my home in SecondLife. mmm black cock...*smiles*
my sexy alter ego, alana eberhardt, in secondlife virtual world